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Welcome to Yasasve HR Consulting Services

Our Strategy

Our Strategy

We are one of the leading placement consultancy based in Hyderabad. We work for all sectors and for all levels for PAN India requirements. With the globalization effect, the companies are hiring more people, we help the companies to hire the best fit and manpower is the major resource for an organization.  With our team support, we have been one of the best placement agencies in Hyderabad.

 At Yasasve, we have our Recruitment Strategies and we follow them, to Improve our Hiring Process and serve better to our clients and job seekers.

Recruiters have to stay updated with technology and recruitment strategies to provide the Quality of Hire and Timely service. And our Hiring Team is well trained to learn new and innovative things.

Defining Deadlines: Meeting deadlines of the client’s recruitment, is the scale of strategies at Yasasve. Services should be provided on time to clients, to eliminate the possibility of revenue loss in businesses. Financial loss is the biggest drawback in a business process. Therefore meeting deadlines and delivering projects on or before time has become the major strength for us at Yasasve.

Sound Technology:  Technology is very important for any business process. We confirm that our technical backup matches the best of the recruitment industry. Our recruiting team is one of the best hiring teams in the industry.

Apart from job portals, we use others tools like Social Media, references, Niche Job Boards to attract the right candidate. We Invest in an Applicant Tracking System, where we store each and every profile which we receive.

Work Culture: To defines the work culture at Yasasve, the best-fit words are “Harmonized workforce’ and ‘mutual help’ best. Productivity is at its best when employees have immense faith and complete trust amongst each other. We planted and nurtured this culture at Yasasve HR. This is major reason behind our happy clients, which is a long list.

Generate Effective Results: As it is the result that matters most in the end. And we have generated 100% results in finding the right manpower or maintaining processes for our clients.

ERP: We Maintain ERP’s, these applications keep all the data of the Employees right from hiring till termination / Resignation. We always maintain all the transactions of the Employees in the system as various modules like Absence Management, Recruiting, Payroll & Compensation, Labour, and Time. There are numerous reporting features and automation tools in these systems which will ease the work of HR in an organization.

Our Success Mantras

We always concentrate on limited Clients and have deeper penetration across all levels by sufficing them with respective account managers. We have well trained and skilled recruiter to handle the clients.

Yasasve strictly adheres to SOP Procedures and Processes designed as per our client’s requirements.

The company provides robust training and knowledge sharing to all its employees’, so that they can give quality hire to the clients.

We have an exclusive team handling the top management level profiles.

Our Approach

We are proud and passionate about our business and always strive to make it successful.

We source high-caliber customer-focused professionals who add efficiency, zest, and profit to our client’s brand and also add value to Yasasve.

We are strong relationship builders and we deliver the same level of service to everybody who interacts with us across all the sectors.

The core values of Yasasve are commitment towards work, honesty, delivery of services on time, and effective communication.

Yasasve is always focused on providing the great career opportunities for candidates and delivering the best hire to our clients. Our suppliers also share our passion.

We have an innovative and new attitude to recruitment. A dynamic business, with resourcing experience.

We always strive to provide a quality Hire to the company.